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Conferences schedule viewer

Screenshots of Confy on desktop and mobile


Organize your visit. Navigate conference schedules, mark favourite talks, get reminded when talks are coming up

Where is needed. Works offline, ready for mobile

A screenshot of Confy event info page, with event logo, title, dates and links
A screenshot of events list page, divided in coming up and past events

Conferences list. Find conferences in a simple list. Thanks to Giggity, the schedule browser for Android.

A screenshot of Confy talk detail page in mobile display size showing conflicting talk

Conflict free. Confy shows overlapping favourited talks.

More Screenshots

Screenshot of starred talks list page
Screnshoot of Confy start view
Screenshot of dialog to add event from url
Screenshot of Confy event info page in mobile display size



Download on Flathub

Distribution packages

Packaging status

Manual Installation from Source


  • Gtk4
  • libadwaita
  • Python3
  • python-gobjects
  • meson and ninja

Build with Gnome Builder

  1. Use "Clone repository..." from Open window
  2. clone
  3. press "Run"

Build from command line

git clone
cd confy
meson . _build
ninja -C _build
ninja -C _build install